Sustainable development

Sustainable development

At RODIL BOUTROUS & CIA LTDA, we are committed to the conservation, protection and good management of natural resources, as well as to strengthening the social and cultural responsibility of our local communities by raising awareness of our staff, suppliers and visitors about good environmental practices, as well as preservation of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of this region, as we ensure our ethical policy against the child and adolescent sexual exploitation.

Illegal wildlife trade:

RODIL BOUTROUS & CIA LTDA is against illegal trade of flora and fauna species, so we invite you not to buy and consume products from endangered species. Law 165 of 1994, Law 1453 of 2011, Resolution 192 of 2014.

Commitment of the company to the prevention of child sexual exploitation:

RODIL BOUTROUS & CIA LTDA rejects the child sexual exploitation according to the code of conduct established in Resolution 3840 of 2009, Law 1336 of 2009.

Illicit Trade of Cultural Property:

RODIL BOUTROUS & CIA LTDA rejects the marketing and illegal trafficking of regional and national cultural properties. Law 1185 of 2008, Law 1675 of 2013.

Discrimination against individuals or communities:

RODIL BOUTROUS & CIA LTDA rejects the discrimination of a person or community who are violated in acts of racism. Law 1482 of 2011 and Law 1752 of 2015.