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Sustainable Tourism

At RODIL BOUTROUS & CIA LTDA (Isla del Encanto hotel), we are committed to the conservation, protection and good management of natural resources, as well as to strengthening the social and cultural responsibility of our local communities, by raising awareness of our staff, suppliers and visitors about good environmental practices.


Illegal wildlife trade

RODIL BOUTROUS & CIA LTDA (Isla del Encanto hotel) is against illegal trade of flora and fauna species, so we invite you not to buy nor consume products from endangered species. Law 165 of 1994, Law 1453 of 2011; Resolution 192 of 2014 (Colombia).


Waste Management

At Isla del Encanto Hotel, we are committed to the separation and sorting of all types of waste we generate.

Usable waste (cardboard, glass, plastic, cans and paper) are send to a company of recyclers that takes charge of its management and reuse.

The used oils are delivered to Reaceico company, which takes care of production of biofuels.

Organic waste (shells and fruit and vegetable husks, coffee and tea remains, etc.) are reused to prepare an organic fertilizer for gardening purposes in the green areas of the hotel facilities.


Renewable energy

Because our natural resources are very important to us, we have thermal solar panels to heat the water of all the showers. In this way, we reduce electrical consumption and we take advantage of renewable energies.

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